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Restored And Renewed

Put simply, Jay has saved my life and saved my marriage. I was in a downward spiral and Jay held out his hand and pulled me out, opened my eyes and showed me the light. His compassion, understanding, empathy, guidance and knowledge is more than I could ever have asked for and more than I deserved. I am a better man, husband and father for knowing Jay. If Jay can restore me, he can restore you too. Thank-You Jay

R A - Client


I am very grateful for Jay Pyatt. My marriage is getting better everyday as my wife and I continue to use the tools and practices that we have learned while working with Jay and Lori. We were stuck in negative patterns of communication and interaction for several years after I had betrayed my wife by looking at porn and being selfish. Jay has helped me learn to be honest with myself and my wife and has taught us how to continue to walk the road of healing. I am a better husband and and father as well as a follower of Christ because of Jay Pyatt.

K S - Client

Jay Helped Me Save My Marriage

The tools I received from from Jay to eliminate porn from my life helped saved my marriage. He worked with me every week for over a year to make sure I was successful. Even though I gave him plenty of good reasons to, he never gave up on me. His wife, Lori, supported and worked with my wife during this same time. Their compassionate, been-there-too, approach was exactly what God knew my life and marriage needed! I am a better husband, father, friend, and man because of my time spent with Jay.

J S - Client

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