Privacy Policy

for Life Giving Marriages, LLC
Effective May 25, 2018

We are Life Giving Marriages, based in the United States of America.We run a mentoring business through different online Websites and platforms.Our Websites are hosted in Chicago, Illinois in the United States.

This Privacy Policy applies to you and the digital information transferred during your interactions with us.

Summary Statement:
Given the sensitive nature of our business, we have always valued your privacy over our profits. This will not change.

We will continue to respect your privacy.We will not sell, rent, distribute, or give away your personal information. We strive to make sure your information is confidential, safe, and secure, and because the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affects websites worldwide, we have expanded our privacy policy to explain your rights as outlined in the GDPR.

"Customers" – people who, while interacting with us or our website(s) do any of the examples below:

  • email, call, text or message us
  • download our free guide(s)
  • contact us through our "Contact Me" page(s)
  • sign up to receive blog posts
  • set up appointments with us
  • sign up to receive information at conferences
  • visit our Websites(s)
  • work with us on forums or social networks
  • watch our videos posted on other websites
  • fill out our surveys
  • place an order for our digital content
  • become mentoring or group clients
  • use Freedom Net as mentoring clients

"Us/We/Our" – any occurrence of these terms refers to our company, Life Giving Marriages, LLC.

"Website(s)" – any website or online platform we use while interacting with you, such as:

  • Porn Is Killing Me (,
  • His Porn. Your Pain. Healed. (,
  • The Couple Cure(, and
  • Various online communities

"Personal Data/Personal Information" – any information that can be used to personally identify you, such as name, email address, photo, mailing address, and online identifiers, such as IP address

"Sensitive Personal Data/Sensitive Personal Information" – any information that could harm you if it went public or any "data consisting of racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, genetic data, biometric data, data concerning health or data concerning a natural person's sex life or sexual orientation" as defined by the GDPR

"Processor(s)" - any person, company, or entity that processes data on our behalf or hosts the data on our behalf

"GDPR" – The European Union's regulation (629/2016) called the "General Data Protection Regulation" which went into effect on May 25, 2018

"Cookies" - unique identifiers that are transferred from most websites to your device to enable systems to recognize your device and to provide certain features, like keeping you logged in

Are Children Allowed to be Our Customers?
We do not sell products or services to children.Children under 18 years old may not use our website(s), and we do not knowingly collect any personal data from anyone under the age of 18 without the consent of the parent or guardian.

Do We Gather Personal Information on our Customers?
Yes, in the course of our interactions with you, we receive and store Personal Data and some of the information is Sensitive Personal Data.

Sometimes this information is provided to us by you, and sometimes it is provided to us by our Processors. But we only receive and store Sensitive Personal Data when you provide it to us, or when you otherwise make that information public, such as sending it to us in a comment or posting it on a forum or social network.In both cases, by giving it to us, you give us your consent to receive it.

Why Do We Gather Personal Information?
The information we gather helps us to:

  • administer our Website(s)
  • carry out the purpose of our business
  • make our Website(s) more helpful for you
  • respond to your questions & communications
  • send you the information or products you request
  • send you emails based on your desires and frequency preferences
  • enable you to access different websites to interact with us or our services
  • send you notifications of free/low-cost services
  • send you statements and invoices and collect payments from you
  • improve our services for you
  • publish your testimonials
  • communicate with those who become clients or who may become clients
  • disclose your personalinformation when required by law for current or prospective legal proceedings, or to establish or defend our copyright and legal rights

What Types of Information do We Receive from You?
Here are examples of personal data you may give while interacting with us and how we may use it:

  • Your name (if you provide it) or your screen name/pseudonym to know who we are interacting with
  • Your email (if you provide it) to send you the guides, blog posts, or answers you requested
  • Your phone number (if you provide it) for scheduling calls
  • Your location or time zone (if you provide it) to help plan calls
  • Your email frequency preference (if you provide it) to keep us from sending you more emails than you desire
  • Your preferred material (if you provide it) to help you find sexual integrity or to help you heal from betrayal
  • Your religious affiliation (if you provide it) to help us not offend you
  • Your story and personal struggles (if you provide it) to help on our calls, or on social networks/forums
  • Your testimonials (if you provide them) to help others know how dependable we are
  • Your Survey responses (if you provide them) to help us provide better services for you
  • Your progress (if you provide that information) to help us know how to plan our interactions with you
  • Any other information you provide to us to help our interactions go more smoothly

Our legal basis for doing this is to respond to our Customers' requests and continue business with clients—basically, to make it easier to serve you.
But because we use a double-opt-in approach, we ensure you really do want to receive future marketing information from us before we send it to you.

Who are Our Data Processors?
Listed below are the companies we use as Processors as well as the information we use provided to us by them:

What Other Information Might We Receive from Processors?
We only work with the information you give us, not the unnecessary information made available to us by our Processors, and while we are not responsible for the privacy practices of our Processors, we do want to inform you about the information our Processors may make available to us automatically.

This information may be made available to us, not because we've asked for it, and not because you intended to send that particular information to us, but because our Processors' systems may be set up that way.

But you need to know that, because technology is rapidly changing, other personally identifying information could indeed be made available to us by Processors at some time in the future, unbeknownst to us. Even still, we will not use this information to try to identify you personally.

Here are some examples:

  • Your name (even if you didn't provide it to us, some email systems may give us your name to help us know it's a real person contacting us, like on Gmail.Other services may show us your name, if you don't set your account to "Private," like you can on YouTube)
  • Your email (if you gave your email address to create a public accounts with other websites, those websites may allow access to your email addresses)
  • Your IP address (when you email us or watch our videos, some email systems make the IP Address available to us, like on Gmail or on Wistia)
  • Your location (for example: when you watch videos, like on Wistia, the Processor may give us your location; Wistia, however, is currently in the process of allowing us the option to anonymize this information, at which time we will do so; and on MightyNetworks, [if you don't change your location on the networks], your location can be used to arrange events near you)
  • Your Picture (if you have uploaded your picture on your other website accounts, some sites will give access to it, like Gmail or Facebook)
  • Your testimonials (if you have posted on another website a review of our work together)
  • Information on the devices you use (for example: the device type, the operating system, the browser used while interacting with us or the sites, like on numerous online services)
  • Information via: "Integrated Services" (some of our Processors, such as Mighty Networks, allow people to create an account more easily by using "Integrated Services" with other websites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google; by creating an account with our Processors using Integrated Services you may be giving our Processors access to your activity or accounts on those other websites--at this point, however, we do not knowingly have access to this information)

Our Processors' legal basis for storing of this information is written in their Privacy Policies.

Do We Use Cookies?
A Cookie is a file containing a bunch of numbers and letters that is placed on your browser.This file keeps preference information like zip code for weather sites to know which weather system may be affecting you.Like most websites, the websites we own use Cookies; they're built into the website hosting platforms we use.

But we only use "first party cookies," which improve the functionality of our Websites, such as helping our pages load more quickly on your next visit, or knowing that you've already closed a notification on a previous visit, or keeping you logged in if you didn't log out.

By visiting any of the websites we own, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with this policy.

Cookies themselves typically can't be used to personally identify you, yet information you give on a website may be linked to that cookie.This means the cookie may keep a record of purchases or pages of the website you have visited.

Here are some examples of what we use cookies for:

  • protect user accounts
  • protect our own websites
  • recognize when your browser visits our own websites
  • keep you logged in to your account until you log out
  • personalize our own websites for you
  • recognize your preferences
  • recognize when you've been to our own websites, so you don't have to close pop-ups on every visit

Third Party Cookies:
While we do not use "third party cookies" on our own websites, given the sensitive nature of our websites, we'd like to inform you that this is how third party cookies work:

If you've visited sites like Google, Amazon or Facebook before you visited our Website(s), those other companies may have already placed a third party cookie on your device, and they might use this to see what websites you go to.

Some websites take this information and sell it to advertising companies so they can show you advertisements of products in which you've shown an interest.This is called, "Online Behavioral Advertising" or OBA.

Our Processor sites and sites you visit every day may participate in OBA. The websites we own, however, do not. We do not know if Our Processors collect information when you visit our Website(s).And we are not given access to the information they may collect when you visit our Website(s).

So, our Processors may use cookies to:

  • advertise to you based on your interests on online activities (like on Facebook and with AdSense)
  • know what is in your cart, even if you're not logged into your account (like on Amazon)
  • suggest videos you may be interested in (like on YouTube)
  • analyze your use of different websites (like on Google Analytics)
  • detect spammers (like on MightyNetworks)
  • know whether you're logged in or not (like on Facebook or Mighty Networks)

You can find out how our Processors use cookies by reading their Privacy Policies.

How Can You Turn Cookies Off?
Turning cookies off shouldn't harm your experience with the websites we own, other than affecting how quickly the pages load or having to reclose certain notifications.

But since every browser is different, if you want to turn Cookies off, you'll need to search all your web browsers' "Help Sections" for information on how to turn them off.Most browsers do a good job of walking you through the steps to keep your device from accepting cookies.

They will also tell you how to clear cookies off your cache.

(For more information about cookies, you can visit:

Do We Share the Information We Receive?
As stated earlier, as a practice we don't share the information we receive.The only time we would share your information would be the following:

  • Business Expansion: Usually before businesses co-sponsor events with other companies, information about the popularity of the sites and the success rates is exchanged.In this event, we may aggregate and/or anonymize information, but we will not transmit personally identifying information.
  • Business Buy-Out: Usually before businesses buy other business, their email lists and website data is listed as an asset that is transferred when the business changes hands.We do not expect to be bought-out, but we thought we'd inform you of this anyway.
  • Protection of Ourselves and Others: We would have to release personal information as appropriate in order to do things like:
    • comply with the law
    • enforce or apply our Terms of Use, Disclaimer and/or other agreements
    • protect your rights, privacy, property, or safety
    • protect our rights, privacy, property, or safety
    • releasing your information to the appropriate authorities in the case of a data breach.

Again, as a practice, we do not share your information.We cannot, however, control our Processors or those with whom we have affiliate relationships.

How Secure Is Your Information?
We take reasonable technical and organizational precautions to prevent the loss, unauthorized access to, or misuse of your personal data.We store the information you provide to us on secure servers where we host our websites at Site Ground located in Chicago, IL, in the United States of America.

Site Ground encrypts the information sent from you, through our websites they host, to us.

And while this is secure, we also encourage you to not give personally identifying information; that way it's more private and secure from the very start.

Your emails to us are protected by encryption if your email provider uses that technology(at the time of this writing, we've found that Juno is one of the email services that does not encrypt it's emails.)

When available on our Website(s) and on our Processor Sites, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, which encrypts information you input.

When it comes to confirming payments, we only give the last four digits of your credit card number.Of course, if you want us to handle the transaction for you, we will submit the payment information to the payment site to process your order.

And while we take strides to maintain the security of the personal data you submit to us, no online service is completely safe, so please read the "Your Options and Responsibilities" section below to understand how you can make your personal data more secure.

Where Does Your Information Go?
Regarding, "Cross-Border Data Transfers,"information provided to us may be stored, processed in, and transferred between other countries in the event that our Processors' servers are based in other countries, or in the event that your information is routed through other countries.This enables us to operate our business and use the information in accordance with this privacy policy.Because we base our operations out of Michigan in the U.S., please understand that Michigan or U.S. law may not provide the same level of protection as the laws of other states or countries.Even so, we will respond to your requests according to the prevailing law when you contact us.

Any personal information that you submit for publication (such as social networking posts, blog comments, or testimonials) is available for those in other countries to read.

You agree to such cross-border transfers of personal information when you provide us information, or make public posts, and comments.

How Long Do We Keep Your Information?
If we keep your information on systems we control, we will keep it for a minimum of time required by law, unless we hear from you otherwise.

What Are Your Rights?
Regarding your personal information given to us, we agree with the GDPR that you have the following rights:

  • To be informed about your data
  • To have access to your data
  • To have us correct or rectify your data
  • To have your data erased or deleted
  • To restrict or block the processing of your data
  • To transport your data somewhere else
  • To object to the processing of your data
  • To be protected from automated decision-making processes

What are Your Other Rights & Responsibilities?
As stated above, no system is completely safe, so in order to further secure your personal information with us and our Processors, there are many things you can do to keep your information safe.

If you are very concerned about your privacy, you have the following rights and responsibilities:

  • To not disclose or digitally submit any personal information
  • To send us information using a pseudonym and an email address that doesn't reveal your real name or identity
  • To sign up on forums or social networks using a pseudonym and an email address that doesn't reveal your real name or identity
  • To not give "sensitive personal data" like race, religion, gender, marital status and information related to health or sex if you are concerned about that data being stored digitally
  • To read policies and terms we make available to you (although even if you choose not to read them, they will still govern your interactions with us as a Customer)
  • To check back from time to time to stay up to date on revisions to our policies and terms
  • To read policies and terms our Processors make available to you
  • To pay a fee if your personal data requests become excessive or repetitive or unfounded (for example, requesting data twice in two months); in this case we have the right to charge you a fee or refuse your request
  • To use an email service that is encrypted when contacting us (as of the writing of this policy, Juno is one of the non-encrypted email services)
  • To secure your account information and password(s) on our Website(s) and on our Processors' sites
  • To manage cookies or delete them by changing your browser settings
  • To adjust your computer/browser settings to be more private(ex: using 'incognito' mode)
  • To lodge a complaint with your data protection authority
  • To update your preferences with us and our Processors by using any 'update preferences' link at the bottom of emails you receive
  • To opt-out of emails with us and our Processors at any time, by using the 'unsubscribe' buttons at the bottom of emails sent to you
  • To request information about our privacy practices by contacting us
  • To view our Website(s) or our Processor sites in 'incognito' mode
  • To close your accounts with us or with our Processors
  • To opt out of Google Analytics tracking by visiting this page:
  • To opt out of and find out more about Online Behavioral Advertising by visiting this page:
  • To opt out of Google's Online Behavioral Advertising by visiting this page:

To exercise your rights with us, please send us a description of your concern, and we will do our best to resolve it within the timeframe outlined by law (as of the time of this writing the timeframe is 30 days.)

How Can You Access Your Information?
You can request us to take action on your personal information by contacting us using the information at the bottom of this Policy.

Future Revisions:
Because technology is in constant flux and because our business is expanding, our Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms of Use may change also.

You should check these documents for the latest version from time to time.You can always find those documents at the very bottom of our websites.

In Closing:
Please rest assured that we intend to use your information only to carry out our business and only according to the preferences you provide to us.And we won't change our policies to cause you to be protected to a lesser degree.

Given the nature of our business, we know the value of protecting your identity.

For questions, comments, complaints or requests contact:

James or Lori Pyatt, Data Protection Officers
LifeGiving Marriages, LLC
PO Box 52
Nazareth, MI 49074