2018 Restored Summit Attendees

Porn nearly destroyed us several times.  Traditional approaches weren't working, which led to years of breakdown.  But we found a way to rebuild the relationship.   (He made me his one-and-only in 2010 -- I trust him now.)  Now our 20+ years researching best practices helps our clients recover in four to eighteen months (instead of the 15+ years it took us).  While there are no quick fixes or easy solutions, our program makes it quicker... and a little easier.

We're best suited for people who want: a unique, brain-based approach   /   a program that's had an 80% success rate   /   to know what your options are... even if you don't want to leave   /   to emerge with peace of mind and renewed joy  /  to heal the trust. 

So if you're frustrated with traditional approaches or if you want to cut-to-the-chase, contact Jay or Lori to see if our program will work for you. 

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The Basics of Rebuilding Trust

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