Fight It Like A Navy Seal

I have recently been communicating with several men about their struggle with porn and getting free. A lot of them express a desire to get through the day without getting caught up in their addiction. From what I have seen in my own life and experience we follow our routines to the point of unawareness. Have you ever gotten to work, and thought “I am not totally sure how I got here”. Ok, maybe it is just me.
As I go through my day unaware there is more of a tendency to do things that are unproductive or unhealthy. I am going with the flow. I don’t have a real plan I am just going through the motions.
Then BAM, something new happens and I am caught in a bad situation. I am not ready for a change in the flow and I was not really paying attention to the events that led me to this point. Now I have to think quickly or I am in deep trouble.
When it comes to my addiction, especially early on, I need more time to react so that I don’t fall into my routine (or rut). So, like a good boy scout my motto was “Be Prepared”. Porn in all of its subtle forms shows up everywhere in the US society. TV. Billboards. Even the soap dispenser in our kitchen has a woman in a bikini on it.
To be prepared for this kind of bombardment throughout your day you have to have a plan.