Reality Of Porn

The statistics say most men and a lot of women view porn. Not all get addicted or struggle to find reality despite watching it. But, then the exposure has changed quite a few of us. Men in every generation feel caught by the images they have viewed.

This may not be the struggle of everyone, but it is a problem for all because it is changing our view of sex and romance.

Why You’re Still In The Dog House

Apologizing. This reminds of the of the man’s prayer (at 2:17 in the video) in the Red Green Show. It goes like this (if you didn’t watch): “I’m a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.” As men, we are not comfortable with admitting the mistakes we make. Apologies expose our flaws and vulnerabilities. It also reminds us of our tremendous power to hurt other people.
So we don’t apologize. We redirect. We blame shift. We lie. We cover our butt so that we still “look good” even if we did something awful.
Our self-image survives at the cost of someone else’s feelings. This is fine, if it is just some jerk in traffic, but less so if that person shares our bed.
Maybe you have a problem with empathy and wonder why she runs from the room in tears at times. “That’s odd, all I said was …”, this is what my wife (THE ONE) calls a “Stupid Guy Move”. I get it, you aren’t tuned in to your surroundings and just don’t notice your jerkish-ness. Eventually, you will be told, probably very directly, exactly what type of wiener you have been.
Either way you aren’t apologizing and that is keeping you in the Dog House.