Drink More Ovaltine

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If you have watched the movie A Christmas Story then you remember the main character Ralphie and the Red Ryder BB gun. But, do you remember the secret decoder ring Ralphie waited for with great anticipation of becoming a secret agent and finally being able to decode the radio message he heard every week?

Watch the video to see how the anticipation builds!

And then reality sets in and all of the anticipation is crushed. The desire to live a bigger life of a secret agent crumbles under the clever marketing ploy.

How is this like using pornography or sexual sin in my life? When I acted out, I felt the anticipation of pleasure–longing to feel good and have some sense of control over my pain. Only to crash on the rocks of reality when all was said and done.

Are you going to drink more Ovaltine in the hopes this time will be different? Someway…somehow I will get a better solution where my behavior has failed ten, fifty, a thousand times before.

What I know now is: you can’t think your way out of your own thoughts. You have to find a new set of thoughts, from a healthier source. Contact me if you need help with this.

Because drinking more Ovaltine won’t change your life.