WMD in the Heart of a Woman

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Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Heart of a Woman

This week my wife and I had the privilege of being interviewed by Michael Leahy. He is the founder of BraveHearts.org an organization which “mentors people to freedom from habitual sexual sin”.

While my wife was being interviewed, Michael mentioned something about his story of porn addiction and the affair that ruined his marriage. I don’t want to tell Michael’s story, but I want to show you the response that my wife had.

If you want to see the video use this link and go to the 15:00 minute mark.

Her heart was broken for another woman that had an experience more than a decade ago. Even when I started to play the video a second time my wife covered her ears, saying “I can’t listen, it is too painful”.

Guys, it is time to stop thinking that watching porn or having an affair is “not hurting anyone”.

Michael said, “It is like WMD in the heart of a woman”.

He and Lori went on to discuss how my actions repeatedly told Lori she was not enough. How my deception destroyed her ability not to believe me, but to believe her own thinking. I had lied so many times about my behavior and made so many excuses for what I was doing that she couldn’t think straight.

When I told my wife at the marriage altar that I would have no one else before her, she took it seriously, even if I didn’t. As I continued to lie to her about my behavior, she was traumatized by each lie.

Now, it is not the fault of porn that my wife was hurt. It was my fault and my choice to hide my behavior. I get that. However, I really want each one of you reading this to know, your actions have a cost. Even if you are not lying to your wife the way I was, I am sure if she was honest with you and with herself, most wives would say porn is damaging to them.

I ran away from life and chose to watch porn. It caused my wife a lot of pain which could have been avoided.

I can’t change the past.

I can tell you it is possible to survive the process of recovery and have a great marriage, but you have to start right now. Get serious about getting free from any form of sex addiction.